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Family Life Curriculum

Family Life Curricula (Grades 6-8)

In accordance with New Jersey State regulations, the Springfield Board of Education is providing the outline of topics included in the family life curriculum in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.
The complete curriculum may be reviewed by those who are interested by contacting the school nurse, Lori Luke, or the Principal, Timothy Kielty.

The sixth grade program is entitled “Growth & Development” and “Disease and Disorders” and is divided into three parts: Your Body Systems and Health; How You Grow; & Understanding Disease.

Grade 6

I. Your Body Systems & Health

a. Support & Control Systems
b. Energy & Transport Systems

II. How You Grow

a. From Infancy Through Adolescence
b. Adulthood Through Old Age

III. Understanding Disease

a. Communicable Diseases
b. Non Communicable Diseases

The seventh grade program is entitled “Program for Personal Living” and is divided into five parts: Wellness, Family & Social Health, Nutrition, Growth & Development and Alcoholism. The following topics are taught in the seventh grade:

Grade 7

I. Wellness

a. Self evaluation
b. Goal setting

II. Family & Social Health

a. Friendships
b. Manners
c. Communication skills

III. Nutrition

a. Food Pyramid
b. Guidelines for Good Health
c. Nutrition Label

IV. Growth & Development

a. Reproduction
b. Fetal Development

V. Alcoholism

The eighth grade program is entitled “Program for Personal Living” and is divided into three parts: Self-Awareness, Growth & Development and Roles in Family Life. The following topics are taught in the eighth grade:

Grade 8

I. Self Awareness

a. Decision Making
b. Oral Presentations of a Variety of Health Topics

II. Growth & Development

a. Steroids
b. Reproduction
c. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

III. Roles in Family Life

a. Parenthood

Please Note: Any parent/guardian who may have a concern with regard to any of the above instructional programs should contact Timothy Kielty